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BPM Breiter Photo Manager



The BREITER-PHOTO-MANAGER is a professional database to manage and archive images in a relational database program. It has been developed with the requirements of a professional photographer in mind. This database allows you to archive your images, search your archive by multiple criteria such as keywords, area, ID#, submissions, publications, captions. The database is setup to write submissions, track and label your images, track reproduction, file monthly/quaterly and yearly summaries of sales.

demo version is restricted to 100 entries. There is no time limitation for usage. Some functions included in the retail version, i.e. import and export filters, are not available in the demo version. The reports in the demo version are kept very simple. No documentation is provided.

The retail version features unlimited number of images, import/export filters, variable reports and documentation.

If you like to order the retail version (US$ 99,00), please contact:

in Europe
in USA/Canada

Phone (Europe) : ++49 (0)6345 / 94 96 96 3
Phone (USA/Canada) : 907-242-8939
FAX : ++49 (0)6345 / 94 96 96 7

Reference :

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